Thursday, May 28, 2009


by Mary H. Saunders


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is currently developing a family of "environmental management" standards which address management systems and the environmental aspects of products in the areas of life cycle assessment and labelling. These standards have the potential to exert a significant influence on the design, manufacture and marketing of products. They are also likely to affect the type of environmental data gathered by businesses and how those data are communicated internally and externally. Work on internationallyagreed standards in the life cycle and labelling areas is not expected to be completed until 1997 or 1998. Environmental management system standards and related auditing standards will be issued as final international standards by mid-1996. ISO Technical Committee (TC) 207 on Environmental Management standardization was formed in June 1993, following the recommendation of a Strategic Advisory Group on the Environment (SAGE) which ISO convened in 1991 to determine whether there was a need to undertake standards development in this area. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) administers the secretariat
for TC 207, on behalf of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Canada's ISO member body. The scope of TC 207 is "standardization in the field of environmental management tools and systems." It excludes test methods for pollutants, setting limit values regarding pollutants or effluents, setting environmental performance levels, and standardization of products. However, through its working group on environmental aspects of product standards, TC 207 is providing guidance to product-specific TC's for evaluating environmental effects of products and services, and the effect business operations have on the environment. Individual standards approved by TC 207 and adopted by ISO as international standards will be designated as part of the ISO 14000 series. TC 207 oversees six subcommittees and one working group (see Annex I), which together have a total of some 25 work items under consideration. In general, TC 207 subcommittees dealing with environmental management systems, environmental auditing and environmental performance evaluation are focusing on process management (how) as opposed to outcomes (what). The subcommittees responsible for generating standards for life cycle assessment and labelling are seeking to establish principles and uniform approaches to product evaluation and communication of environmental attributes. read more complette here...


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ISO’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is meant to retain significant procedures of a company and eliminate unnecessary ones. It protects not just the environment and people but also help companies improve their production by maximizing its resources to achieve efficiency so there’s no reason for companies to find difficulty following the guidelines set on this system.

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