Thursday, May 28, 2009

Management Base On ISO 9001 A Modeling of Software Quality


After 70’s years, the Academia and Industry of computer speed many people, money and time to research the software engineer environment, tools, and technology against the software crisis. Although they gained many achievement, but we have not seen the expecting result as yet. In fact, any new technology cannot be applied really without good management. Just in China, we developed and purchased many software supporting tools and environment. The cost over billions. But the Chinese software industry has not reached its aspiring level. That is why we want to setup a modeling and system of software quality management .It is proved that the guideline of the quality system for software processes has the same discipline even if the software processes maybe difference because its hardware platform and applied domain is difference. Nowadays, the size, complexity and cost of software increased rapidly. The role of software plays in system reliability and security become more and more important, the need of asking software production processes standardization, normalize and internationalization is more and more. The technology for software processes management and control was focused.

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