Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ISO Standard (Quality Management System)

With the QPR Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management (QMS and EHS) solution your organization obtains one system for ensuring continued customer satisfaction as well as compliance with multiple quality standards and environmental, occupational health & safety regulations. QPR is unique in providing a solution that allows you to leverage a central repository of your documented processes and link those processes with performance metrics, documentation (task lists, policies), the reporting and analysis of performance, incidents, deviations and customer complaints, as well as the launching of corrective and preventive actions.

Employees benefit from online access to the latest process flowchart documentation, attached task lists, policy documentation, instruction videos and so on, as well as the capability to report near misses, deviations, out of spec deliverables or identified risks. Managers and quality professionals also get performance dashboards, the ability to do and share analysis and reports, perform drill downs and ask for clarifications from responsible personnel. They can set targets, launch tasks and action plans and assign accountability, all part of the same system. Since all information is stored centrally and extracted easily into Microsoft Office tools, the creation of reports for demonstrating the effectiveness of your QMS and EHS system for internal audit, compliance and certification purposes require only little effort and time.

Helping our customers combine the requirements of different standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS into one system has been a core QPR competence acquired through a multitude of customer projects. Our service offering, which accompanies our technology ensures you obtain the most value from your QPR Quality Environmental Health & Safety management system.

Click here for an overview of managing Quality, Environmental Care, Healt & Safety with QPR

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