Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An introduction to 5S activities

  1. 1. 5S Principles : - Elimination of waste
    - Every body is involved,
    - Co-operative effort
    - Attack root cause
    - Human being is fallible
  2. 2. Objectives : - Improve housekeeping
    - Make every individual
    - responsible for housekeeping
    - Beautify by simple means
    - Productivity improvement by
    - saving time, space etc.
  3. 3. 5 S’ s : • Seiri - Sorting
    • Seiton - Systematic arrangement
    • Seiso - Cleaning
    - Inspection while cleaning
    • Seiketsu - Standardization
    • Shitsuke - Self Discipline

If we do not do 5S, we can’t do any other work efficiently. They are features which are common to all places and are the indicators of how well an organization is functioning.
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Ngo said...


I like this post very much. It help me to solve some my work under my director’s requirements.

Apart from that, below article also is the same meaning

5S implementation

Tks again and nice keep posting

five s said...

5S is really important. I made an experiment at work, I divided my team into two. One would be working normally, and the other team will be monitoring closely 5S in each department. Surprisingly, the 5S team increased productivy by 56%

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