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Business Management - Principles and Standards Management Company


Business is an activity in selling products or services that benefit the owner. Business is a risky activity in terms of providing material losses or non-material. But if successful it will provide benefits and prosperity for its owner. In order to avoid the risk of the business of business must be run properly with careful planning and implementation of a serious and steady. Business consists of several important components that support and complement each other. If one component fails it will interfere with other components. Here are the business components:

* Management, which is part of a plan, manage, and conduct business. This component can be referred to as the backend component that is behind the screen.
* Power of the brand or image, ie charisma, emotional strength and is owned by the company views / public feeling against the company or product.
* Product or Service, the components that are sold or offered to the market. This component can be referred to as the front end because this component is in front. These components deal with the public.
* Partner, the parties who helped in running the business.
* Customer, the parties will accept the offer or purchase products and services offered.

I will discuss the above components along with one by one criterion, OH, and standards that need to be met in order for each component can function maximally as expected. Each component can not stand alone because of disruption of one component will interfere with other components. I will write my thoughts based on experience, business management books, and case studies on particular companies. In this post I will discuss the management component. And I will continue in subsequent writings.

Management of an enterprise is the lifeblood of a company. Management determines the growth or bankruptcy of a company. With the existence of a good management and the management of an enterprise will be able to survive from all the pressures, constraints, and obstacles that exist. Even going to develop into bigger and better. In managing the company then there are principles and standards where these things will greatly help the development of the company if applied properly. OH and this standard is not an absolute value in the success of a company. It is not always a company that has done everything very well be successful. Sometimes there are several obstacles or barriers that can not be avoided for example deceived colleague or disaster as well as other constraints. Here are some principles and standardization are expected to support the progress and development of an enterprise:

1. Perancanaan the Matang
Before a firm stand, it usually initial capital is a constraint that must be met before the company runs. It is not always the big capital would provide a big advantage. Effective management and efficient capital will give the maximum profit. For us we have to make a calculation of capital and operational costs needed to run the company in the foreseeable future. We must be able to provide a secure budget for the operations of the company in some time to come. So not only secure the budget for today and tomorrow. With the security budget over the long term the company will be able to survive when experiencing problems or disasters that are sudden and are not considered before.
By doing the planning and design company then the company will be thoroughly prepared to deal with various obstacles and barriers have been accounted for previously. For example in making a product then we have to do research beforehand about the markets, customers, competitors, and the constraints that may emerge for our products targeted and not fall when exposed to various pressures and constraints that arise. Today the use of information technology in business activities can facilitate and accelerate the company's planning. The system used is called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which is doing the planning with the concept of Operations Management with an integrated application. Some management activities can be ameliorated by these systems such as inventory management, financial management, reporting, manufacturing management, and other activities.
2. Qualified Human Resources, Loyalty, and Prosperity.
Human resources (HR) quality is a key driver of the company. Given the company's human resources capable of moving fine then a company will develop and conduct its business effectively and efficiently. Qualified human resources are insufficient to run the company in the long term. Required employee loyalty to the company where he works. By building an emotional connection between the company and its employees then an employee will strive to contribute best for the company. Without the emotional connection between the company and the employees of the employee only carry out their responsibilities without providing the ability for the company. If the obligation has been done then he will only run in place without providing innovation, creativity, and brilliant ideas that can actually be done if the employee has an emotional bond that makes him want to build and develop the company to be better.
Quality human resources, and not necessarily loyal to contribute the best he had. People who have the need will certainly try to meet their needs. If an employee feels that its earnings would not meet his needs so he will try to find a way to satisfy all needs. When this happens the employee find a job that will sideline time-consuming, mind and strength so that he can not give the maximum capacity at the company. Why sometimes some companies do a meeting, or the preparation of the budget in the hotel office when they have the same facilities with the hotel? Maybe for some people this is a waste, but its positive effect is meeting or conference participants will be more berkosentrasi and give their thoughts without being distracted by maximally other problems such as traffic on the way to work, problems at home, and the constraints on external financing . With support from the company so that employees are not distracted by other things outside of the company the employee is expected to provide the maximum contribution for the development of the company.
3. Open Manager, Firm, and the Democrats
Leadership is a bookmark manager for the company the right way. They are the master of a vessel that will determine whether the company will reach the goal or not. Authoritative leadership must be owned by a company manager, but with dignity does not mean being closed to employees. Precisely open attitude of a leader who wants to receive input and suggestions from subordinates will help a manager in leading a company or department that dibawahinya. Assertiveness in the lead and make a decision is needed by a manager, because in their hands the decision will be the way in which the company will determine the development and operation. Managers also must be able to take responsibility for their decisions in front of the directors are not solely to blame incompetent underlings do his orders. We recommend that any decision involving many parties, whether subordinates or other related party. Given the input from other managers can consider and take appropriate decisions and satisfy many parties.
The relationship between manager and subordinate should also be well maintained. As much as there may be two way relationship between managers and subordinates, rather than unidirectional relationship where the manager kept giving orders to subordinates without wanting to hear complaints and feelings of their subordinates. If there is such a harmonious family relationships in a company, a good solid team and strong work in running the company.
4. Comfortable Work Environment and Support
A worker spent nearly half his life in a day at the office. So that the office is the second place after a house that became the longest place where workers are located. For that purpose a comfortable office environment, conducive and supportive work indispensable. Work environment does not mean just the office, but also including work atmosphere, and relationships among company employees. If one part of the existing work environment that makes an employee uncomfortable it will be to diminish the performance and contribution of these employees to the company.
Office is the place where the comfort of an office to work depends on the cleanliness, orderliness, tranquility, beauty, and the air temperature is appropriate, as well as furniture and room layout is good. The device also supports the work that need attention. Do not force savings on office device that can inhibit labor. Some companies sometimes prefer to maintain the old computer crashes with the reason it can still be used when the device delay and parents make time to work and sometimes inhibit older workers when the device is damaged. Comfortable Office will make the employees feel at home and not in a hurry to leave office so that more workers berkosentrasi in doing their jobs. Family atmosphere in the office so that employees need to feel nurtured as part of the company and have a sense of responsibility to the company to maintain the good name of the company. There must be no jealous nature, cynical, or there was dissension among the employees because it would disrupt the work and company performance.
Note also how the employees leave and come home from work. When employees live too far away from the office to think about how when hampered traffic jams and delayed until the office. There are good companies provide employee pool because besides helping employees will also be familiarizing employees because there is story time in transit from or to the office.
5. Always open and Learning
The development of the business world so fast. So many areas that support a business such as information technology field. So many changes that occur outside the company, therefore we should not be closed and must try to accept changes. By always studying the changes and development so a company will be able to compete with other companies and are not left behind by the trends and ongoing developments. Companies must learn and apply the various developments and changes that can provide efficient and effective benefits for the company. Thus the company will always be able to develop, and keep pace with the changes and evolutions.

So little written about the management. Writing the above would still have disadvantages. I will add the article above when there are changes, or new insights that I gained. Waiting for suggestions and criticisms. Thank you.

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