Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Relationship between the Company and Employee Partnership

A company in the travel business will often face pressure. Various pressure comes not only from an external company, not infrequently even just a lot of pressure generated by the company's internal factors.

Actually, the pressure is coming both from internal and external, is not necessarily hamper the company to grow and progress. Often these factors were in fact provide an opportunity for companies to become larger. You remember the parable of "The bigger the sailors faced the waves, the more brilliant is the sailor." Now is staying how firms respond to the pressure as a means to constantly correct myself, and continuously improve things.

Internal or external pressure from the company if the company can actually be facing as much as possible is always creating and maintaining good relationships through communication "highway" by both sides earlier. Discussion this time we focus on how to create and maintain good relationships between companies, with their employees.

Why do employees important? Employees are important assets of the company. While he did not have a major influence in the decision making process, employees are the most quantity of assets in the company. Therefore, companies must be able to know and understand exactly what the employees' rights. In addition to smooth communication between the company and the employees, the attention given to the rights of company employees, the company can maintain good relations with employees. Groups of employees who have good intentions, most likely can help companies overcome the things that are unexpected, such as fire, theft, flood, mechanical failure, etc..

Instead of employees who feel overlooked or felt no sympathy from the company could hurt the company. Structural position of the weak, usually makes the employees formed a group / informal associations whose function is to defend the interests of employees. These groups generally became the driving employees in performing similar movements of protest or another. Employees who are united and feel their rights are not received the attention of top management will usually be very sensitive. Employees who are dissatisfied with the decision / policy the company can perform actions that hurt the company, such as mass strikes.

Employees who do not get sympathy from the company and do protests, usually gets a big sympathy from the public. This can exacerbate the image of the company ended in a loss of public confidence (or rather the consumer) to the company. When a crisis of confidence has occurred, then it can be ascertained that the company is experiencing setbacks.

Public attention and government policy for industry is very influential on policy making or regulatory in the company, particularly in terms of manpower. Labor problems has always been a major problem that must be quickly dealt with by the owners of the company and Top Management.

We all, whether employers, employees, general public, and government desperate for good industrial relations. Only with good industrial relations will create conditions conducive to a strong industrial development and national economy as well as reliable. Good industrial relations are relations that describe the partnership and introspection, a partner in production, a partner in profit, and partners in responsibility.

As a good company, in determining the policies / rules should be the rights of employees are included as consideration, such as minimum wage, health and safety matters, job security for employees to freedom of association, the company guarantees that they will not discriminate in matters of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc., guarantee that the company would not do violence both physically and mentally in work activities, working hours, the appropriate compensation, and so forth.

If the company has been able to protect and fulfill the rights of employees, employee loyalty, of course, will be increased so that the expected performance of the employees also increased. Yet, employees beliefs alone is not sufficient to enhance the positive image of the company. Companies still need the confidence of outside parties such as society, government, press, etc., and usually an outside party needed tangible proof that the company has performed its obligations.

For that company needs a management system that can help companies carry out its function as a good corporate citizen and pay attention to employees' rights as well as it should prove to outsiders.

Management system was needed that could:

Build, manage, and implement policies related to government or about the various problems that have influence in industrial relations.
Proving that the procedures, rules, or policies that have created the company in accordance with the management system. In other words, this system can be used as a tool to audit procedures have been made by companies related to labor problems.
One alternative system of management on labor relations is the SA 8000, which became widely adopted in enterprises

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