Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home made GHEE- Milk Solids


Wow, what a taste. How many dishes we can make from it. Milk only for babies? Never. I disagree with it.  One of the most nutritious food which is essential for an healthy life is milk and milk products rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. Today I came across a strange dish made from ghee named solid ghee or solid waste of ghee. So, I think it will informative to share some kind of information which is new to me.

Clarified Butter:

Clarified butter is also called drawn butter (butter with the milk solids lactose & casein removed). Regular butter is made up of butterfat, milk solids, and water. Clarified butter is the translucent golden butterfat left over after the milk solids and water are removed. In short, clarified butter is just butter that contains only pure butterfat. It has a higher smoke point than regular butter, thus allowing you to be able to cook at higher temperatures, and won't spoil as quickly.

Butter Ghee

Clarified butter and ghee are not the same. Ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked longer to remove all the moisture, and the milk solids are browned (caramelised) in the fat and then strained out. This gives a rich nutty taste. Ghee has a longer shelf life, both refrigerated and at room temperature. It is traditionally used in Indian cuisine.

Make your own Ghee from normal butter

  • Put butter in the pan and heat the butter in low temperature. High temperature can make the milk solids to burn in the pan
  • Now you can see the milk solids getting removed from the butter and water vapourising.

  • Now remove the boiling milk solids in the upper layer of the liquid butter using a spoon

  • Filter the liquid butter using cheesecloth. Remove the solid milk particles and cool the ghee now. So you got the pure ghee which can be stored for a longer period of time in fridge.

Milk Solids

Now ghee is made. We have milk solid waste filtered from the ghee. What do we do with that? I found people discussing about it in yahoo answers saying that it is delicious if you add some sugar with that milk solid. Here is the link for that discussion. They say that its called Tupachi Beri in Marathi. Have you tried to use the milk solids? I want to do it asap. 

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