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Top Management Commitment on Quality

Actual Scenario

Its an important topic to be discussed because the commitment of top management on quality management or control is a question of doubt. We hear complaints from quality managers and quality team that their proposals on improving and maintaining the best quality of food are not easily accepted by the top management since top management is not aware of the the importance of QHSE. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development are used for advertisements and publicity in many companies while the situation inside their quality departments is quite not under the lights.

Quality Policy 

Quality Management Framework

To get certified it is essential for an organisation or a company to have a good quality policy with objectives to be achieved in the future. Also the standards such as ISO, IFS and BRC suggesting continuous improvement or maintenance of the quality level even after audit and certification. The quality policy has to be well implemented and to be followed by the company.  Also the top management should have a clear understanding of the policy as well as all the workers in the company. Desirable quality level is achieved only if all the workers are aware about the quality policy and working towards the objectives.

Quality Management Cycle

Figure below shows the process of a typical quality management cycle. Type of management can vary with the company or product. The cycle PDCA -Plan Do Check and Act is a continuous process in the quality management. To executive ongoing improvements in the quality of products or any process the top management comes in to play deciding whether or not to accept the changes in the process. This is where we wanted to mention about there is a lack of awareness of importance of improvement of quality in between the top management team.

Quality Management Cycle

Failure in Quality

Many organisation fail to attain success in quality management is due to two important factors
  1. Lack of commitment of Middle level Management
  2. Lack of commitment of Top level Management
Also some other factors includes,
  • Short team assurance
  • Commiting to one section of quality 
  • Due to non-cooperation from workers
  • Focussed on Short term profits
  • Bad Quality Management, meaningless alteration in the system
  • No market investigation. Not familiar with the requirements
  • Over confidence on automated quality
  • Lack of funds

Your Top Management Commited to Quality?

Here are 10 important points to be checked to find if your top management is commitment to quality

  1. You have Quality Budgets, Quality Policy, Internal Audits, Training Program
  2. You’re allowed to use the quality budget for Corrective and Preventive Action, Training, and Internal Audits
  3. You track the cost of quality in your budgeting process
  4. Top management actively participates in your regular (weekly/monthly) management reviews
  5. Quality management participates in regular (weekly/monthly) management meetings, planning sessions, and decision processes
  6. Quality management reports directly to top management
  7. Top management champions quality, communicates it, and understands its bottom line impact
  8.  Management’s strategic plan includes quality milestones
  9. Management allows people to fail, make mistakes, experiment, and improve without serious repercussion
  10. Quality is implemented as a strategic requirement to build competitive advantage, not as a customer requirement to qualify for new business

Article to be referred

Article published on the implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) with the help of Top Management in Malaysian companies under the title will help to know more about the topic of discussion.


Download the article through this link: Download

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