Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coconut processing India- Coconut Development Board

Coconut Development Board was established by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for integrated development of coconut cultivation and industry in the country with focus on productivity increase and product diversification.

Established in : 1981
Headquaters: Kochi, Kerala, India
Regional Offices: Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati
State Centres: BhubaneswarCalcuttaPatnaThaneHyderabad and Port Blair
Demonstration cum Seed Production (DSP) Farms: 7 farms
Market Development Centre: Delhi
Technology Development Centre: Vazhakulam near Aluva in Kerala

  • Development of coconut industry by technical advice and assistance
  • Financial assistance for coconut processing and cultivation
  • Developing modern coconut processing technologies
  • Improving marketing of coconut products
The board functions with a prime motive for developing the coconut processing and cultivation. It recommends certain modern technologies in coconut processing by providing technical assistance to the industries and farmers in India. Spray dried coconut milk powder, Packing and preservation of tender coconut water, Coconut water based vinegar, Aqueous processed coconut oil and Virgin coconut oil are some among them.

Also the board has the quality testing lab in their technology development centre in Vazhakulam, Kerala. It provides technical guidance to entrepreneurs in India. Also it offers training program for women entrepreneurs and self help groups for development and improvement of coconut processing.

Coconut Development Board in India during the last two decades from 1986, has achieved in three distinct categories. Extension of the cultivation of coconut in more areas, increase in the production and productivity of coconut and related products, reduction in the fluctuation of price level of coconut products thereby helping the farmers with enhanced farm level income. The board has not fullfilled the third category because of the problems with modernisation of processing and huge demand for high valued varied coconut product. But the high demand, liberalisation of indian economy and economical globalisation makes the market for coconut products competitive. Now India accounts for 22.34 per cent of the world’s coconut production and is one of the major players in the world’s coconut trade. Currently the crop is grown in 1.91 million ha with an annual production of nearly 13000 million nuts. 

Refer for more information on this subject and also to apply for guidance programs on coconut processing.

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