Saturday, October 13, 2012

Indian Public Sector Managment: SCHOOL MEALS-ARE THEY GOOD AND SAFE?

Beijing: A chinese daily delivered a report on Indian and Chinese economy based on a research. The news was published yesterday and it is taken seriously by most of the economist and reformist in both the countries.

The report on Indian economy and growth strongly states that India lags in GDP and it has to invest much more to the GDP growth. This struggle in the growth even with good talenet manpower is due to the worst public sector in India. The daily appreciates the Indian private sector and the entrepreneurs who are the prime responsibles for the growth of Indian economy since the research gives a stunning result that Indians entrepreneurs and workers are more talented than Chinese.

One of the examples to put forth and to be discussed regarding the management of Indian public sector is School Meals scheme. Since I finished my schooling in India, I saw how the mid-day meals scheme was managed in my school with poor hygienic practices. My school had a responsible who is taking care of this scheme only and not involved in education but still he was just acting as an other inspectors in India maintaining the documents but not the quality of food.

Dr. V.H. Potty addresses the same issue in his blog. If managed properly, Public Distribution System and School Meals System can be made better making the poor people healthy.


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