Friday, December 28, 2012

Can we cheat an Auditor to get Food Safety Standard Certification?

Food Safety Standards such as ISO 22000, BRC, IFS are necessary and required by the retailers and custo mers to ensure the production of safe foods from the factory. But I have come across situations where the top management or the mid level employees or the workers in the industry who would like to cheat the food safety auditors. 

The food companies are audited in regular basis by the customers with own or external auditors to keep the food safety up to the expected standard of the customer company. But the audits done by the customers are not ending up in the improvement of food safety in the production site due to various reasons. Poor managment systems in the company have been practised showing certain fake procedures which have not followed in the company to the auditors of the customers so that they can convince the auditors who has no time to get the whole factory audited since they might need to get to the hotel given by the company and also have to visit the city for sight seeing. 

I have also got information from various sources that certification is available on cost without proper installation and implemention of food safety procedures in some regions of the world which I condemn strongly. Certain consultancies who provide false certifications are still surviving in the modern world where every consumer is aware of food safety measures. 

A proper implementation of standards when is even not tried in the factory or production are sometimes comes for certification audits. The strategy of the company is to entertain the auditor and also to cheat him by not showing him the proper process and procedure followed by the company. But many companies get certified and the strategy mentioned above works perfectly for them.

Our organisation is working to make the state authorities and organisations who manage the standards should come to know about the fake certifications.

This is my analysis on fake food safety certifications


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