Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good Hygiene Practices- Gowning Procedure

Usage of proper uniforms or aprons is essential for food safety for those work in food production unit. Uniforms or aprons serve dually for the food safety as well as for the workers safety. The method of proper usage of aprons comes under GHP-Good Hygiene Practices according to different food safety standards. Its a obligation for all the food industries who would like to implement HACCP or other food safety standards to take care of the GHP. 

Gowning Procedure includes 
  1. Uniforms/clothes/aprons
  2. Jewellery
  3. Hand washing
  4. Toilet usage
  5. Drinking of water in production unit
  6. Personal hygiene and other requirements based on the needs of the industry.

Gowning procedure is formulated by the risk assessment and customer requirements. While implementing gowning or jewellery policy, various factors such as state regulations, cultural reasons, external customer's request etc are taken in to consideration. 

Different food safety standards suggest various types of gowning processes and reasonsable exceptions in gowning are accepted. For example wedding rings are allowed to wear in production unit due to cultural reasons.

Gowning procedure applies to all the visitors of the food production unit but temporary aprons and shoe covers replaces the real uniform of the workers which are supplied to visitors at the entry of the production unit. Process owners or supervisors of each section the production unit is incharge of the implementation of this process and the formulation and regular audits are carried out by the FSMS Team Leader in the company.

Good Gowning practices when followed properly can stop lots of accidents and increase the safety level of the food produced.

This is my analysis of Gowning Process in Food Industries.

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