Monday, January 28, 2013

Implementation of Procedures through Formats

When a company is trying to implement a food safety system based of any standards such as ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, etc., the chronological order of working for the continuous improvement of food safety is as follows,

  1. Get the Standards and Go through the standards
  2. Form a food safety team and assign reponsibilities and different tasks related to food safety
  3. Get guidance from the team whenever required 
  4. GAP analysis of the facilities available and requirements
  5. Planning and scheduling the works that has to be done as per the requirements found through GAP analysis
  6. Hazard analysis to assign HACCP plan
  7. Design policies based on risk assessment, state regualtions, feasiblity of the company and requirements- Policies include Food safety policy, Personal Hygiene policy, Glass policy, Wood policy, Pesticide policy, Heavy Metal policy, Allergen policy etc.,
  8. Based on different policies make procedures or manual of working
  9. Make overall handbook or manual for the standard- which we discussed in the last article
  10. Then make formats for each procedurs as per the requirements. These formats are used as record
To implement the procedures we need formats/Checklist/guide etc.,  These formats can be revisied regularly based on the corrective action requests we get from different departments. Some of the important formats includes- Raw material reception slip, RM vehicle check format, Raw material issue slip, Production Batch format, CCPs check format, Dispatch vehicle check format, Personal hygiene check format, preventive maintenance format etc.,

All formats are revised as per needs and based on the needs the procedures or manuals can be changed.

This is my analysis on implementation of procedures through formats.

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