Friday, March 15, 2013

In the limelight: A healthy, green spin on comfort food

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These days, you can learn how to do almost anything on YouTube. From everyday tips on composting to more off-the-wall tutorials like how to solar power your next grilled cheese sandwich, you can find a wealth of videos that showcase ways you can be better to the environment. Today, we're sitting down with Cobi Kim of Veggietorials—a YouTube channel focused on healthy, meatless twists on classic comfort food dishes.

What was the inspiration behind creating "Veggietorials"?
I created Veggietorials to share my love of delicious and beautiful plant-based food. I want to give people a comfortable entry-point to learn, discover, and explore how delicious and easy veggie cooking can be.

How do you come up with ideas for your videos?
I find inspiration in so many different places. Sometimes I want to recreate a dish I’ve enjoyed while traveling. Other times, I'll see a friend post photos of an incredible meal that I want to try. My videos show you how to put a vegan twist on everything from decadent sticky buns to homestyle meatloaf. I live in Hawaii, so my dishes often have a local flair. Most of the time, I make videos about local comfort food dishes that I want to celebrate, like the hearty Loco Moco. That's a popular Hawaiian plate lunch usually made with two scoops of rice, a burger patty, and a generous pour of brown gravy—all topped with a fried egg.
Who watches your videos? Are most of your followers vegan and vegetarian?
Not necessarily! Many of my viewers are omnivores who are interested in trying something new. It’s such an exciting time to try meatless recipes because there are so many choices. I remember when vegetarian options were limited to tofu, salads, nuts, and seeds. Now, there are alternatives to almost any animal product or ingredient you would ever want to use. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to change your entire palette if you decide to go vegan or vegetarian. You can continue to make the foods you've always loved.
How do you connect with your audience?
I reply to every single comment that I receive. I'm thrilled when people share photos of their version of a dish I've featured in a video. That's my favorite part of building this channel. And I create at least one viewer-inspired video each month, based on a specific request, a particular dietary need, or a fresh idea.
Lastly, what does being green mean to you?
In my world, being green means growing my own organic food to stay connected to the source, buying locally, and supporting environmentally conscious companies. These are just some of the ways we can tread more lightly on our planet.
You can find more creative recipes on the Veggietorials YouTube channel and plenty of green how-to videos on YouTube. Happy viewing!

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