Thursday, March 28, 2013

ISO 22002-1

In the last post I was talking about FSSC 22000 first stage audit. Currently I am working with FSMS and FSSC 22000 and so some posts are related to this topic.

ISO 22002-1 which is a technical specification for FSSC 22000 is the additional requirement along with the clause 7.2 of ISO 22000. Clause 7.2 gives an outline of necessary PRPs while the deep explanations for each PRP is explained in the ISO 22002-1 for food Manufacturing. ISO 22002 replaced PAS 220 last year.

ISO 22002 basically has 15 essential PRPs clearly explained in each clause.
The list of PRPs includes

  1. Construction and layout of buildings- durable construction, self draining ceiling, good layout and secured production unit etc.,
  2. Layout of premises and workspace- The production premises, internal layout, structure, floors, man power flow etc.,
  3. Utlilies- air, water, energy- air quality, environmental pollution, water reception, quality checks etc.
  4. Waste disposal- Sorting and segregation of waste, waste storage area, waste disposal etc.,
  5. Equipment suitability- CIP, COP, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Hygienic Design etc
  6. Management of purchased products- RM specs, approval of vendors etc.,#
  7. Measures to prevent cross contamination- Allergen, microbial cross contamination, physical contamination etc.,
  8. Cleaning and Sanitizing- Cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals, cleaning program, CIP, Monitoring etc.,
  9. Pest control- Program, preventing access, eradication etc.,
  10. Personal hygiene- facilities, work wear and protective clothing, health status, personal cleanliness, personal behavior etc
  11. Rework- rework special care, traceability etc
  12. Product Recall- Contacts, intimating public etc
  13. Warehousing- storage conditions, vehicles etc
  14. Consumer awareness- External communication
  15. Food defence- Bioterrorism, sabotage, vandalism etc., 
All the PRPs are clearly explained in the standard so that the method of implementation of all the PRPs are easy to identify from ISO 22002

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