Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cleaning tools in Food industries

The topic might seem very simple for those who doesn't the importance of cleaning and sanitation inside the food production plant. It is one of essential PRPs in the CODEX HACCP. To keep your products safe and to have less contamination of microbes in your products cleaning and sanitation process should be strictly followed inside food production unit regardless of the size of the plant. When the product is open and subjected to open process and any other step or CCP is not available to reduce the mircobial load in the product then the area should be treated as a high risk area and should be kept very clean with less micorbial count-less than 100 cfu/g of TPC count.

To achieve the process cleaning of the production environment definately certain type of cleaning tools which are suitable for the environment are essential. The tools should be of different types for different sections for example wet mops are not allowed to be used in the dry section while drying tools such as dry vacuum cleaners are not useful in the wet sections of the production unit.

Also these tools cannot be kept unclean anywhere inside production unit since they will also become a source of contamination if they are kept unclean. So the cleaning tools has to be cleaned after usage. Giving designate place for the tools is one of the important issue which has to be considered to make sure that the tools are placed back in the designated place away from food contact reducing the proable chances of contamination. The cleaning tools can be kept inside production unit but in a designate place and away from products with the list of tools.

Shadow boards can help to solve the problem of the placing the tools inside the production unit.

Take a look at the shadow boards.



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