Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pest Control and Rodent Control in Food Industries

Pest and Rodent Control is one of the most important PRPs which is essential to be followed in a food industry according to CODEX CAC/RCP 1:2003 and also as per FSSAI Food Safety Regulations 2011. Pests can be responsible for contaminating food with pathogenic micro-organisams. Also they can be a biological contaminant as well as parts of the pests can also be a contaminant in the food products. In addition, pests eat the food products, and damage the packagings thereby creating potential cross contamination of food products.

In order to keep the food safe, pest control and rodent control is made as an essential PRP and most often considered as a major finding in the certification audit if found implemented ineffectively.

Most food companies take help from external pest control consultants to control pests and rodent in the industry. The external pest control agents use several different methods in order to elimate all the pests in the factory premises. Some of the methods used to control pests includes
  1. Fumigation
  2. Heat treatment
  3. Pesticide spraying
  4. Fogging and misting
  5. Physical barriers-window screens
  6. Repellents
  7. Organic enzymatic pesticides etc.,
  8. Pest-o-flash
Also to control rodents such as rats differents methods are used.
  1. Using traps
  2. Using poisoned cakes
  3. Removing all harbourages
  4. Gluepads
  5. Rodent boxes etc.,
To be successful with pest control, pest activity should be recorded and continously the trend of the pests and rodents should be calculated. The trend can be made area wise and if the activity seen more, more control can be placed in the area. Also change in the method of pest control and its effectiveness can be seen with the help of trend analysis. Continuous improvement with the pest control can be evident through graphical representations of the pest activity records.



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