Monday, September 3, 2012

CSR- Video by SF2M ISA-Lille

Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Do all the corporates actually follow it? Why do we need CSR for  sustainable development? 

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR as the name suggests is some of the actions to be followed by all the companies for the welfare of the society and environment. Sustainable development through good eco-friendly, customer welfare, processes helping the society and also the economy of the nation is the overall idea of sustainability as we discussed in our previous article. CSR is a part of sustainable development through which the companies can play part building a better world for the future generation.

World Forum Lille

World Forum Lille is organised every year in the city Lille of France by the months of October-November which is one of the standard forums for responsible economy with the objectives to make responsible economy real by promoting best practices of companies that, all over the world, preform their activities responsibly and thus make examples replicable. 

To know more about World Forum Lille please go to:

Video by SF2M students ISA-Lille

We are proud to share the video created by us during our classes in ISA-Lille for World Forum Lille on the topic Corporate Social Responsibility. We thank all our classmates and teachers who helped us to produce a wonderful picture about CSR with simple explanation of concepts of CSR using cartoons. Hopefully the video deserved the 1st prize in World Forum Lille.

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