Monday, September 3, 2012

MBA- Food Business Management

IPAG Business School

Do you want to study food business in the country known as the kitchen of the world? Do you have interest in learning a new language? Do you want to spend a year in the centre of the world living together with neighbours of different cultures? Then you can take a look at MBA in Food Business Management at IPAG Business School. 


IPAG Business school is situated in Paris, one of the well renowned cities of the world for its rich heritage and culture. Also Paris and France are known for the food products especially cheese and wine. French food sector is dynamic and growing rapidly. By the year 2009 France exported foods equivalent to 31.4 Million Euros contributing 18% of the nation's economy. Hence it is very reasonable to do an MBA in Food Business in France.


The coursework of MBA in Food Business Managment has two parts. Core management subjects and specialised subjects in food business. Core subjects are
  1. Business Marketing
  2. Knowledge and Information Management 
  3. Cross-Cultural Understanding and Management 
  4. Negotiations, Leadership and Communication Skills 
  5. International Business Law 
  6. Business Financial Management 
  7. Global Risk Management 
  8. Methodology and Research  Human Resources Management 
and Specialised subjects
  1. Global environmental concerns and Regulations
  2. Food industry Business Plan
  3. Food Marketing practices
  4. International Purchasing strategies
  5. Logistics, supply chain and distribution

Procespects after graduation

The graduates of MBA in Food Business Management are employed in various food companies internationally in different sectors such as 
  • Food industry customer service management
  • Food industry manufacturing and retail management
  • Rural and environmental development
  • International purchasing, logistics and distribution


Please download the brochure of MBA courses in IPAG here: Brochure

Also you can directly download the application form of the program here: Application

For further information please refer the IPAG Business School webpage:


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