Monday, September 3, 2012

Sustainable Agriculture

Importance of Organic Farming

One of our major objectives is working towards sustainablility to save our mother earth and environment by all means of actions. Each and every individual in this world is responsible for sustainable use of natural resources since we need to take actions to save the planet for future generations.

What is sustainability? Anything action which has the capacity of endurance is sustainable. Sustainability should be achieved in all its three dimensions
  • Environmental dimension
  • Social dimension
  • Economical dimension

Responsible use of resources helping both stack holders and stock holders is the main moto of sustainability. Most of the times sustainable practices are focussed on the safe pollution free eco-friendly practices. But any eco-friendly process which is not economical are not sustainable. 

Organic farming is one of the best sustainable pratices of agriculture recommended by experts. Organic farming is nothing but using all products available naturally such as manures following the old original process of agriculture. Ever since the introduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase the production of foods, it became an usual process of agriculture farming with chemicals resulting in higher production and less loss of crops due to pests and insects. But this process has its own dangerous impacts on the health of consumers. Accumulation of chemicals in the food crops can create health related problems such as cancer in consumers.

After deep analysis, certain organisations all around the world wanted to reduced the adverse effects of usage of chemicals on farms and so recommended natural way of farming using natural manure and natural ways of pesticides. There is a dilemma if organic farming is profitable as other kinds of non-organic farming. But though the production can be reduced by 10 to 20% when using organic farming when compared to in-organic farming its sustainable when considering the overall dimensions of sustainability including environment and stack holders (consumers).

Satyamev Jayate took this issue and discussed to create awareness in between indian citizens about the importance of organic farming. Youtube videos of the program satyamev jayate- Organic farming can be found in two languages- hindi and tamil

Satyamev Jayate- Organic Farming in Hindi

Satyameva Jayate- Organic Farming in Tamil

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