Monday, September 3, 2012

IFS Food Version 6

IFS Food Version 6

This week's hot topic is about the changes in the new version of IFS version 6. IFS version 6 is an continuity of the version 5 released this year by Internation Feautured Standards. In general IFS Food is an international food quality standards used mostly by food retailers in European Countries to meet the food safety level to the customers. Reduction of food safety hazards through implementation of HACCP is the main objective of IFS using Standard Quality Management System ISO 9001. 

IFS Food v6 has certain changes compared to IFS Food v5. Main changes in the IFS Food v6 includes
  • Slightly revised scoring system- the scoring system- The scoring system is adapted to implement best Quality Management practices 
  • Clear determination of audit duration- Extension Audits durations are clearly explained for extension of certificates and time duration between two audits is also mentioned clearly. More flexibility is given in the certification cycle duration.
  • IFS intergrity program- Intregration of the audits of central site of the same company is explained very well and so they company can now have an audit at the central managing site before auditing the individual production sites which will be intergrated to the certification report of each individual sites.Also montoring the certification bodies and auditors are explained in the new audit protocol
  • More quality requirements- IFS food V6 will include more quality and nutritional related requirements to be followed along with food safety requirements. HACCP shall be reviewed and updated with modification in products or process.
  • Food defence requirements- to comply with GFSI requirements IFS food V6 has all the local legislative food defence requirements to meet the standards of the destination country 
  • Technology scopes- New scopes and expertise are introduced for the ifs auditors
Additionally v6 has number of corrections to meet the objectives
  • Include all doctorines
  • Delete double-dipping
  • Improve wordings of requirements
  • Comply with GFSI Guidance document version 6 
  • Improve rules to calculate audit duration

Picture below explains the added sections in IFS food V6

More information regarding the changes is found in the article - Changes in IFS food v6

Clear comparison of the each section of the standard is available in this excel file- IFS food v5 vs v6

For further reading try GFSI guidance document v6 here: GFSI v6



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