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ISA, Lille-Masters in SF2M


ISA-Institut Superier d'Agriculture is situtated in Lille (Region-Nord, code-59) in the North of France. The region surrounded by the city Lille has number of medium and large sized food companies. North of France is well known for processed meat products. Students who are more interested in different cultures, Lille is a preferred location of discovery. Lille is also known as a city of students since you can find huge number of international students all around the city. 

Further information about the city is available through wikipedia-Lille.

Courses Offered

ISA-Lille offers 5 year Engineering and 2 year Masters Courses. Specilaisation of the studies includes
  • Agriculture- Bac +5 Engineering
  • Food Engineering Bac +5 
  • Environmental Engineering Bac +5 and Masters in Environemental Engineering
  • Sustainablity-Masters in Sustainable Food Manufacturing Management
Also some more exchange and twinning programs are offered to students who want to spend a part of their studies in ISA.

Level of French

Though the masters programs are offered in English a certain level of french is required to live confortably in France. French language is a part of the curiculum in ISA to all the international students unless you have level B2 in French language. Good communication in French is essential to work as intern in France during your studies in ISA. Also students who are willing to take challenges trying to adopt themselves to a new culture and language environment are welcomed to ISA.

Intercultural Management

Its noteworthy to mention about the intercultural management classes in ISA. They focus more on adapting yourselves in the work as well as living environment of different cultures. Analysis, discussions, games etc., are part of this coursework. These classes will help to see the world with different eyes. 


Since we are alumini of the program Masters in Sustainable Food Manufacturing Management in ISA-Lille, we can be the best guides abou this program. You can go directly to ISA-Lille web page to know about the program. Any queries can be approached through the this link Contact us

Direct link to the webpage of ISA in English:

You can also download the brochure of the program SF2M here: 

All the best with your education. Contact us if you need more information.

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