Friday, September 7, 2012

OSHA- Food safety Trainer

Food Safety for Restaurant Workers

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in United States of America restaurants and food service companies employ nearly 11.6 milliion workers in USA. 30% of the restaurant workers are below the age of 20 and with less experience in food handling. Training the workers with food safety and handling methods is essential have good quality level in the restaurants. 

Online Training

OSHAS- Occupational Safety and Health Administration of USA offers an online interactive food safety course similar to I'm ALERT (we shared yesterday).
Your course has different sections and very informative even for common people since we all should be aware safe handling practices because the consumers are the ones who are getting affected by food borne illness if the food is not safe.

Link to the restaurant food safety program by OSHA- 

If you have already taken few courses on food safety you can directly go the quiz part through 

Also please refer our last post for more quizzes and food safety videos

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