Thursday, September 6, 2012

Test your level on Food Safety

Online Food Safety Quiz

Do you want to test your knowledge on food safety and food borne illness? Are you interested in knowing more about food safety issues?

You are here at the right place to check your level on food safety and handling through online quizzes. But before testing your level you can also take a look the videos listed to learn the key terms in food safety.

Christine Bruhn's Vidoes

Christine Bruhn, PhD is the Director of the Centre for Consumer Research at the University of California, Davis where she earned her doctorate. Dr. Bruhn has a special interest and passion for safe food handling practices. Her major area of research is in consumer attitudes and perceptions of food quality, safety and wholesomeness. Dr. Bruhn travels widely and is a sought after speaker at both academic and government conferences on food safety and food handling and food processing technologies .
She currently serves on several education and advisory panels including the Food and Drug Administration's Risk Communication Advisory Group. In addition, she is often contacted by members of the media when questions of food safety make the news, especially in her home state of California. Along with her interest in making sure everyone knows “How to determine when your food had gone bad,” she is an avid cook and enjoys sharing practical food safety tips with her family and friends. For more information on food safety and nutrition questions, please visit
Following are some of the videos by Christine Bruhn, from

Food Safety Basics

How to tell if your bread has gone bad

How to tell if your food has gone bad

How to tell if your lunch meats have gone bad

How to tell if your dairy products have gone bad

How to tell if your left-overs have gone bad

How to tell if your fruits have gone bad

How to tell if your frozen foods have gone bad

How to tell if your pantry foods have gone bad

How to properly wash your produce

How to properly store your food in the fridge

Online Quiz

We hope all the above videos are informative about food safety and hygiene. Now its time to check your level through some online quizzes listed below

If you have problems with temperature units celsius and farenheit on the quizes you can try online unit converter- Temperature to Farenheit 

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