Thursday, September 6, 2012

Restaurant Quality Manual

What is a Quality Manual

A quality manual is a guide book given to all workers in the food industry for proper quality control and continuous improvement along with quality training. Here we share a scanned copy of a quality manual in picutres used in a restaurant but in french. Hopefully pictures speaks more than words. We will share a same model quality manual in english very soon. This kind of guide books are very essential and also a symbol of good quality management in the restaurant. Start up restaurants can try using a quality manual in their restaurant also.

The number of the procedure is given on the right corner of each picture starting from 01 and the zone is given on the left top corner of pictures.

Thanks to Mr. Mohamed Kamal Khercha for the quality manual

You can go through the pictures below to read on this post. Also directly download manual: 

Use WinRar to get the files from the rar folder

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