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AGMARK - Indian Government Quality Standard

AGMARK- Agricultural Marketing Quality Certification Standard is a quality standard for export and domestic trade of agricultural products in India. The certification is a symbol of quality grading all agricultural products for exports and domestic trade and it is effective from the year 1986. The certification is based on the  Agricultural Produce(Grading and Marking ) Act, 1937 as ammended in 1986.  Refer http://www.agmarknet.nic.in/apgm1937.htm for the agricultural produce act 1937, ammended in 1986.

Grading for agricultural products are done at the farm level. AGMARK for agri products acts as a third party guarantee for quality certified. AGMARK certification is specific for different products for example for cereals, pulses, livestock, spices etc., 

The procedure for certification AGMARK is available online in the web page of AGMARKNET which can be assessed through the link http://www.agmarknet.nic.in/agm_std1.htm.

For example the process of certification of fruits and vegetables for export and domestic use is explained below.

Agmark Certification Process:

The Agmark certification is employed through fully state-owned Agmark laboratories located across the nation which act as testing and certifying centres. In addition to the Central AGMARK Laboratory (CAL) in Nagpur, there are Regional AGMARK Laboratories (RALs) in 11 nodal cities (MumbaiNew DelhiChennaiKolkattaKanpurKochiGunturAmritsarJaipurRajkotBhopal). Each of the regional laboratories is equipped with and specializes in the testing of products of regional significance. Hence the product range that could be tested varies across the centres.

Persons wishing for of obtaining Agmark Certification on fruits and vegetables Under Agmark should have valid Certificate of Authorization (C.A.) for grading of Fruits and vegetables. Provisions contained in Fruits and Vegetables shall be applicable.

Procedure for grant of C.A.

  1. Persons desirous of obtaining C.A. for grading fruits and vegetables under Agmark for exports shall apply to the concerned office of Directorate of Marketing & Inspection (DMI) in the prescribed Proforma - I.
  2. Necessary documents as prescribed in Annex-A shall be enclosed with the application.
  3. Applicant for grant of C.A. can have his own premises. He can also use common facilities of APMC pack houses, Private/Coop pack houses etc. Minimum requirements in the premises are given in Annex-B. Details of such arrangements shall be given with the Application. Details of such arrangements may not be given by APEDA approved pack houses.
  4. Concerned office of the DMI will process the documents, inspect the Proposed premises and grant C.A. within ten days of the receipt of complete Documents. Inspection of the premises is not required in case of APEDA Approved pack houses. In such cases, CA shall be issued within three days Of the receipt of the complete documents.

Requirement of Agmark Application Proceedings:
  • Copy of test report(s), duly authenticated, from independent Agmark recognized laboratory.
  • Document authenticating establishment of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar
  • State Authority or Memorandum of Article in case Applicant Firm is a Limited Company
  • Partnership Deed in case the applicant firm is under Partnership.
  • Name of the products.
  • Name of the applicant.
  • Name of the Firm/ Company.
  • Address of the Firm/ Company.
  • Sample of the product.
  • Started Time period of product.


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