Monday, December 24, 2012

Autoclaves together

Autoclaves in Food Industry Microbiology Lab
Autoclaves are specific instruments used to sterilize equipments and also media which are used in micorbiology labs. The utensils are sterilized by keeping inside the autoclaves in 121°C for a period of not less than 15 minutes under a pressure level of 15psi.

Mostly the same autoclave is used to sterlize the vessels before and after microbial tests. Sometimes seperate autoclaves are used for utensils before using it for microbial test and after test to make sure of the safe working conditions for the workers. The second autoclave which is used to sterlize vessels before discarding should be taken care of to ensure the safety of the workers in the lab. But placing both the autoclaves together is never a problem for contamination of micro-organisms.

It was once we came across a problem regarding placing two autoclaves together in the lab which are used for different purposes i.e one for sterilizing vessels used before microbial test and other for vessels after microbial tests. When placing of two autoclaves considered as potentially dangerous by few customers of the company, experts' view are very different from the assumption of the customers. Microbiology and Autoclave experts feel that using a single autoclave which is caliberated properly and used following the proper method of sterilisation is enough to replace the two autoclaves which is actually used in this case. Chances of contamination in an autoclave is very less and negligible. Using both the autoclaves for safety purpose is already a precautionary measure taken and seperation of both the autoclave is unnecessary according to the experienced people in this field.

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This is my analysis on placing two autoclaves in the same place.

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