Monday, December 17, 2012

GAP Analysis

Gap- Since we always discuss about food safety related topics you might guess Gap stands for Good Agricultural Practices but today we are going to talk about the real gap (space) analysis done in all companies to enhance the performance of the company.

Gap analysis can be used to help the companies to achieve specific goals through careful analysis of company's current situation on a particular project and comparing them with the goal or plan that the company wants to achieve. The difference between the two items is the gap. Also this analysis will result in giving action steps to fill in the gap.

You might wonder what a Gap analysis can do with food safety and quality measures. Infact, the Gap analysis is the first most important step that has to be followed to know about the acutal situation of the food company. For example if a company XXXXX wants to implement the standard ISO 22000, that company should know first what are the important actions they should take inorder to proceed with certification process. So Gap analysis gives the information needed for the above question. If suitable corrective actions are taken to fill the gaps between the current food safety level of the company and the required ISO 22000 level, reaching the goal is much simpler.

To work with Gap analysis the standard or goal should be clear and only on the basis on the standard or goal the analysis can be carried out. For ISO 22000 the GAP analysis includes all the important food safety sections from section 4 to section 8. But a seperate gap analysis for HACCP, for Top management, and Purchase of Raw materials are recommended. Gap analysis can be done based on audits, interviews, discussions, questionnaires etc., and it can be done by a team from different departments of the company.

This is my analysis on Gap assessment. If you need more information contact us through our contact page or individual emails.

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