Saturday, December 15, 2012

Growing green communities on Google+

All around Google+, people are gathering together to talk about things that matter to them, including the environment. Since we launched Google+ Communities a week ago, it's been great to see how quickly green communities have sprouted up.

With Google+ communities, you can:

  • Join public communities on everything from vegetarian cooking to backyard farming
  • Create private communities like a bike-to-work group among your coworkers or a freecycling group among your friends
  • Browse discussion categories to find the conversations you care about most (like whether the future of renewable energy lies in solar or wind)
  • Start hangouts and plan events with community members
Some of our favorite green communities on Google+ so far:

Because shared information can help people make greener choices, and because lively online discussions can inspire real-life action, we're excited about this new feature. Explore different communities on Google+ and see what people are doing to create more green in the world—this holiday season and through the new year.

Posted by Therese Wong, Google Green team

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